I am participating in the 2024 New York Ironman 70.3 through the IRONMAN Foundation’s Your Journey, Your Cause program. I have partnered with The Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation and will be fundraising to support the incredible work they do. 

My journey and cause began when I joined the NMDP bone marrow registry while playing college football. Now I am in my final year of medical school, where I have done extensive research on bone marrow transplant. One thing I’ve learned is that we MUST do a better job of ensuring ALL patients have a chance at securing a life-saving transplant, regardless of their racial and ethnic background. This is exactly why I am teaming up with the ATBMF’s “Our Race Matters” initiative. My hope is to raise awareness for the need for increased diversity in the bone marrow donor registry, which is comprised of disproportionally low numbers of minority donors. Because of this, minority patients with blood cancers and other disorders in need of a transplant are significantly less likely to find a match. But the good news is that we can change this - one donor at a time.  

To date, the ATBMF has recruited >200,000 donors to the NMDP registry, resulting in >1,300 transplants. This fundraiser will help the ATBMF continue to recruit donors of ALL backgrounds, since EVERYONE deserves a second chance at life. 






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