My journey with Ironman started in 2015. That’s the year I competed in my first 70.3….This year, I will train to reach another goal…140.6!!!

I actually trained for a full Ironman in 2017, unfortunately Hurricane Michael devastated the race city, and I was forced to postpone my first attempt at the full Ironman distance. The hurricane hit 2 weeks before the race, so I had already experienced the challenges (physical, mental and emotional that comes with training for a full Ironman distance…its hard).

This year, thanks to my fundraising efforts in 2019 (aka all of YOUR support) I earned a spot to Kona…YES KONA!!! I was the top fundraiser in 2019 and now I will have a chance to compete with the best athletes in the World!

My training journey has already begun, as have my fundraising efforts for 2021. I am so blessed to be an Ironman Foundation Ambassador and thank you for all your support over the years!

See you at the finish line, Shannon


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