Returning to IRONMAN Florida in 2024, I am thrilled to once again join forces with the IRONMAN Foundation as we #raceformore. This time, my goal extends beyond completion — I am training hard to secure a coveted slot in the prestigious Kona Women's World Championships in 2025.

Whether you're a budding triathlete, a parent, a grandparent, or someone unfamiliar with the world of IRONMAN or a mom like me, I want to prove that you can achieve incredible things by tackling this transformational journey! I am proud to have been one of the 317 women among the 1,788 athletes who finished IRONMAN Florida 2023. And through my #ironman training, not only did I qualify for the 2024 Boston Marathon, I was accepted with a 6:13 buffer.

I recognize that not everyone knows where to start or has even heard of IRONMAN - an IRONMAN is a 2.4 mile open water swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run in which you have 17 hours to complete. I completed my first IRONMAN in 13h56m - this was also my second triathlon, my first was a 70.3 IRONMAN.

From Setbacks to Triumphs

Life has a remarkable way of throwing unexpected challenges our way. On a fateful day in March 2022, while immersed in a 9-mile run, a sudden collision with a car knocked me off my feet. Despite the shock and disorientation, I paused my Garmin watch at 8.5 miles, located my phone, exchanged words with the driver, and resumed my run home. With a black shirt concealing the aftermath, I assumed my dampness was from exercising. It wasn't until I changed that I noticed the impact on my left elbow.

I cleaned up, greeted my dog, and drove myself to the ER. Stitches and a splint later, I was back home on the same night. Despite road rash across my entire left hip and hitting the pavement hard, I emerged with just a broken elbow.

The next morning, I did an indoor cycling session and resumed running, day four. Just 11 days after the elbow break, I completed a 9-mile run at a 9:16 pace with a full splint. I ran 252 miles with that splint! And there is a silver lining to this story: Running with a splint radically changed my gait, and I learned to use my core while running. This unforeseen change in running style transformed my pace from 9-minute miles to a swift 7–8 minutes per mile.

Once the splint was off, I bypassed PT and returned to the pool to regain my range of motion. While my elbow is still crooked from the accident as I refused to have plates put in my elbow, I am stronger than ever!

The car accident wasn't the first time training saved my life. In 2015, I confronted the BRCA1 mutation, undergoing a double mastectomy to prevent a fate like my cousin's. Amidst medical battles, I turned to running to rebuild lung capacity and discovered its power to reshape my life. Running became my anchor, steering me through adversity.

In 2019, I achieved my first marathon in 5:02 despite challenges. In 2020, I embraced road cycling and rekindled my passion for swimming. And In 2021, I conquered my first triathlon ever, Augusta 70.3!

Please consider supporting my endeavor by donating to the IRONMAN Foundation. Together, we can spark change, bolster community initiatives, and inspire transformation through the endurance of spirit and the pursuit of greatness.

The IRONMAN Foundation

The IRONMAN Foundation, a driving force since 2003, has contributed over $55 million through charitable giveback programs to over 10,000 organizations across 75 race communities. This collaboration not only links IRONMAN athletes with their communities but also leaves a lasting positive legacy long after race day. 

In 2023, Through my network, I was thrilled to have raised $4,200 for the IRONMAN Foundation, contributing to our team's remarkable total of nearly $40,000 just in Florida. These funds were directed to support various grants benefiting Florida-based organizations, including those dedicated to veterans, senior services, education, and sports, such as Florida Veterans Communities, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10555, Air Force Sergeants Association Chapter 553, PCB Senior Services Foundation, Inc., Arnold High School Senior Trip Sponsor, 850 Waves Baseball, Tyndall Operation Warmheart, Tyndall Hispanic Heritage Association, Arnold High School Wrestling Team, Women's Civic Club of Panama City Beach, and TRI4HIM INC.

LEARN MORE about the IRONMAN Foundation's giveback around the world.

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